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Create one-to-one integrations or multi-app workflows in minutes

It's been a bit of a theme lately, stitching together easy to use, tried and tested, off the shelf products. Easy to implement, easy to use, quick to deliver, easy on the wallet. And for those of us who aren't technical, it's a godsend. is an established service which enables you to connect apps, create workflows, without coding. If you can use MS Word you can use .

The hard bit is knowing which tools you need for your business, how they might work with each other and how to align them with or improve your business processes.

That's the point where you'll need someone to help. And depending on how much time you have available, how much you can be bothered, and where your time is best spent, getting someone in for a couple of hours is money well spent.

Whoever you engage should offer ongoing support and training. Some ongoing tasks will be simple and make sense for you to do. Others will be more complex and chances are, infrequent.