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Email Marketing Still Works

As many clambered towards social media the trusted and well-tested email marketing channel took second place for a while. But now many are starting to realise how valuable the channel is and with a well thought out plan it can generate more revenue from customers, attract new customers and retain existing customers.

You only have to have any interaction with the top ecommerce providers to get a sense of just how effective they use the channel. Many of them employ sophisticated marketing automation techniques which have been finely tuned over the years.

The technology underlying all of is easily available and importantly affordable. The go-to solution for many is MailChimp. And as with many app providers they have started to branch out and now you can create and manage social media ads to reach a wider audience. The feature set is a lot broader than just sending out pretty looking emails.

Importantly, there are plenty of options for integration with your CRM of choice. Ensuring you have a one database of all your customers.